Accent Training Course - Cape Town

Monday, 9 April 2018

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City: Cape Town, Western Cape
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Price: R 3,045


Contact name Barbara
Phone 0846254104

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Any accent is a combination of three main components: intonation (speech Music), liaisons (word connections) and pronunciation (the spoken sounds of consonants, vowels and combinations). I have made a study of the American, British and South African Accents in order to give you a complete Standard pronunciation and phonological understanding of the accent of your choice. I created the course to help people “sound either American, English or South African” for lectures, Medical Personnel, Teaching, Customer Service Representatives, Film/Theatre Acting, interviews, business situations, Voice Over’s and general daily communication.
•Communicate more efficiently and effectively with clients and colleagues by reducing first language influenced accent.
•Build rapport and empathy and strengthen relationships with customers and colleagues through more successful communication.
•Word linking- how to connect words.
•Sound insertion- which letters to insert in between words to achieve perfect speech flow.
•Vowel length- learn the exact length of the American, British and South African vowels to give you strong confidence when speaking.
•Key sounds- discover the most important key sounds
•Voiced letters- learn exactly how to use your voice to give you the famous sharpness and clarity of the various accent.
•Silent letters- discover all the silent letters of the
Course outline for American, English and South African Accents:
•Intonation = do’s and don’ts;
•Pitch changes and meaning shifts of intonation;
•Syllable patterns;
•Word Connections = consonant/vowel, consonant/consonant, vowel/vowel & T, D, S or Z & Y;
•Vowel Sounds = tense and lax monophthongs, diphthongs and triphthongs;
•Vowel Pronunciations;
•Diction of Consonants = nasal, throaty, silent;
•Articulation of Consonants = voice and unvoiced;
•Speaking and communicating styles;
•Reading and speaking;.